Property Location
F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines


The property’s second & newest residential enclave yet

The active lifestyle is played up at Mandani Bay Quay (pronounced /kee/, like “key”). Nurturing the dynamic life, this enclave faces F.E. Zuellig Avenue and paves the way for pursuing the energetic life well lived.

With a focus on vibrant living, this cluster has 3 residential towers & 1 office tower.


At the heart of the Mandani Bay Quay enclave is the Amenity Area, collectively called the Active Zone.

  • 1 50-meter Lap Pool
  • 2 Kids’ Pool
  • 3 Leisure Pool
  • 4 Pool Deck
  • 5 Pool Lounge
  • 6 Aqua Deck
  • 7 Water Play Area
  • 8 Seating Pavilion
  • 9 Reflexology
  • 10 Outdoor Lounge
  • 11 Office Amenity Deck
  • 12 Office Outdoor Seating
  • 13 Kids’ Playground
  • 14 Split-out Multipurpose Lawn
  • 15 Multipurpose Lawn
  • 16 Outdoor Seating Area
  • 17 Cabana
  • 18 Floating Cabana
  • 19 Clubhouse
  • 20 Adventure Playground
  • 21 Kids’ Playground
  • 22 Outdoor Fitness
  • 23 Sports Hall

Exclusive Areas are spaces and amenities exclusive
to Mandani Bay Quay residents.

Shared Areas are common features
accessible by all Mandani Bay residents.


The property’s second & newest residential enclave yet

The most defining feature of Mandani Bay Quay, the Active Zone is made up of mostly al fresco spaces dedicated to providing residents of all ages with the means to live a zestfully healthy lifestyle.

It is composed of areas dedicated to fitness activities from the fun and easy to the challenging and high-powered.

Standard Units

The Studio, Studio Plus, and One-bedroom Units, all fully furnished with expertly selected appliances and features, are designed by renowned interior planner PTang Studio Limited.

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2-Bedroom Suite1
Studio & Studio Plus2

1 Semi-furnished
2 Fully furnished

Premium Units

Allowing for more flexibility for customization, all Premium units are semi-furnished.

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